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Home Visit M.D.

Your doctor bringing quality healthcare full circle to your home!

Home Visit M.D. (HVMD) brings the doctor to your home providing quality affordable chronic healthcare management for the medically complex, chronically ill and high risk/high utilization patients. We offer acute physician visits at patient's home or residence within 24 hours.

Home Visit M.D. works with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), and groups of doctors, hospitals and other care providers to decrease and contain costs associated with treating their high-risk/high-cost patients. Our programs are designed to help:

  • eliminate medical errors and duplicating services
  • achieve accountable care benchmarks and goals
  • increase revenues stemming from shared-savings programs
  • decrease or eliminate revenue losses associated with extended hospital stays and readmissions(also known as bounce-backs)

Home Visit M.D. assists patients from health facilities to home acute care with our Independence at Home Program, Assessments, Integrated Transitional Program and Advanced Living Program. Our services range from a home visit to aggressive long-term care that raises quality of life.

The majority of patients with chronic conditions experience difficulty scheduling and coordinating their required multiple office visits. Many fail to make their appointments and later seek emergency care.

"5% of the chronically ill (high-risk/high-cost patients)
account for 50% of total costs."
2002 John Hopkins University Report

  • 4% of Medicaid beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions account for 50% of expenditures.
  • Currently 25% of Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions account for 85% of costs.

Home Visit M.D. chronic care coordination programs specifically targets the top 5% of the high-risk and high-cost patient population.

Our physician house calls, chronic healthcare management and Independence at Home Program eliminate patient frustration and fears while reducing costs associated with the chronically-ill hospital admissions, readmissions, urgent care, emergency room visits and acute hospital stays.

Home Based Chronic Care Programs Cost Savings

  • 50% Reduction in Initial Hospitalization for Patients at Risk
  • UP TO 95% Reduction of Hospital Admissions/Readmissions (Rebounding)
  • UP TO 65% Reduction in ER Visits
  • 62% Reduction in Hospital Days
  • 88% Reduction in Nursing Home Days

Most chronically-Ill patients qualify for our Independence at Home Program.

Since 2004, we have combined physician house calls of the past with today’s technology to deliver compassionate healthcare now and in your future. We brought healthcare full circle, focusing on the patient, family, friends, and caregivers.


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